Fuelling Innovation & Driving Government to the Digital Age

Fuelling Innovation & Driving Government to the Digital Age We are often asked, "What is it that you do?" We tell them, humbly and yet truthfully: we do amazing things. We help solve big challenges. Technically complex, mission-critical challenges. We are committed to innovative offerings and outstanding service to you, our client. In a world of built-to-flip, hypergrowth, venture-capital-fueled, social media startups, eGoVisa was built for the long term. We have taken ideas from a group of brilliant people and have turned them into products that support future development. We are a “startup” but we are free from the shackles of venture capital. Building on our unique independence and more than 20 years of market experience, we are confident that our solutions will enable us to become the market leader in next-generation solutions and services for governments and business. We have a team of twenty two developers working constantly on driving innovation and delivering greater value to all our stakeholders. We are software developers dedicated to solving the challenge of a Universal e-Government solution that will make life easier for all the stakeholders without sacrificing security. Over 250,000 man hours have been spent developing the framework and the supporting modules. Our software will help governments transform into pure digital enterprises enabling them to do away with tedious and out-dated procedures which is better for all the stakeholders and the environment. Using the eGoVisa Framework Suite, Governments can close the IT gap between citizen, business and state whilst driving front-line agility.