VisaPort - User Self Enrolment Features
Visa Summary

Simple & Comprehensive 3-Minute Self Enrolment Process

VisaPort supports a comprehensive mobile based self enrolment function which captures key data from the user's mobile enabling them to instantly take advantage of VisaPort's functionality. The single enrolment process supports both mobile and web-based platforms, allowing users to enrol on either platform and complete the enrolment on the other.

Managing your VisaPort account on the go

If you need to make changes to your account, check your latest balances and statements or simply view your information, you can do this directly from Smartphone device. The VisaPort smartphone app is equipped with the necessary tools to help you manage your account without the need to use the consumer edition on your browser. You can view current and outstanding invoices, pay for items in your shopping cart or change some of your details with just a few clicks. Due to space constraints, not all the account functions can be carried out on your device.

  • Visual Threat Alert - VisaPort, collates travel advise from hundreds of countries and displays them as a color coded threat matrix helping you visualize the potential threats you may encounter during your travels abroad. The information is presented in a single screen and is tested against your upcoming travel plans or the citizenships you hold. The Threat matrix is totally integrated with VisaPort's travel booking features enabling you to receive real advice at the point of booking or planning.