Managing Applicant Details

The Manage Caller function is designed to bring true caller ID capabilities to your VisaPort Terminal Device. It visually displays who's calling, by interacting with the Framework and displaying key data to help the user better handle the call. Instantly view on hand the caller's bio details including their current visa application status, their supporting documents and their family tree. The user is able to record the call, take notes directly on the device and video conference with the caller with real time facial detection and analysis to ensure the caller is the same as the record being shown. Agents can view the caller's previous call logs, emails, chats and support requests in their browser as their phone rings. This allows them to spend time meeting the customer's needs, not searching through databases.

Powerful Call Management Features
Access all previous calls, voicemails and emails from the caller in real-time.
Your users will always be informed, even before they answer the call.
  • Enhanced Visual Caller ID
  • Automated Tasks
  • Call Monitoring
  • Real Time Reporting
Define Schedules:
Immigration Schedules can be defined in seconds and are reflected in real time

Create rules that automatically trigger actions to external systems when certain events happen in VisaPort Terminal Edition such as missed or inbound calls. Increase user productivity by eliminating the need to re-enter information or duplicate tasks and have all systems on the same page.