On Demand Dynamic Content Management System

At first glance, a website canvas is lifeless. Not worth much until it has been designed or implemented; however when it is combined with the power of the eGoVisa Framework, it becomes filled with possibilities. Its value lies not in what it is, but what it can be. This is how we intended the eGoVisa CMS module to work, to give you the power to dynamically create websites that represent the image you want to portray and that work the way you work. The eGoVisa CMS delivers a modern, dynamic engagement that gives you the ability to manage the overall digital experience allowing you to change content, layout and personalisation rules - without a single line of code. Quickly and easily create attractive websites in the cloud – bringing together structured and unstructured content with minimal IT involvement. This secure, cloud-based solution can help you build, brand, and publish external or internal websites that integrate with your on-premise systems – for an exceptional user experience.

The eGoVisa Content Management System module takes the Framework to new parallels; drawing all the elements of the framework from data to functions into configurable blocks that can be used and reused throughout your site. The module enables you to import your HTML into our CMS and use the various blocks to connect your data and functions to the Framework opening up limitless possibilities. By using the CMS, you can create complex sites such as Foreign Ministry websites or complete Visa Processing systems. In fact, all our front-ends are built using the CMS without any additional programming. Gain access to our abstract data layer by simply using the form field attribute; create dynamic forms that jump into life and compete with the most advanced systems in the market.

The eGoVisa CMS enables you to deliver better solutions to your stakeholders faster than ever before. By converting your HTML mockup into our CMS blocks, your site can be up and running in hours. Extend the functionality by adding features from our marketplace offers which simply plug-in. You can rest assured that all plug-ins have been thoroughly tested and free from conflicts. Because the views are separated form the controller and the data; gain access to updates and upgrades without any downtime. You can create pixel perfect websites from day one.

CMS Features

Blocks in Action:

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  • The Embassy Detail Block
    this block when called, returns the pre-formatted details of a specific embassy or consulate.
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  • The Embassy Finder Block
    this block when called, returns a pre-formatted list of countries structured by geographical zones