VisaPort Consumer Edition

Aimed at the consumer or traveller, the VisaPort Desktop or Consumer edition is the desktop equivalent of the VisaPort Smartphone App. One could also describe the Consumer Edition as the larger brother of the Smartphone Applications, and in a way it is very true, however, the Consumer Edition is far more than just a desktop version of the Smartphone. In fact, the Consumer Edition is a wrapper site for Travel agents, who serve their customers through a well designed and highly customizable front-end that mimics the best travel booking sites, but at the same token, gives the actual user full access to the vast features of the eGoVisa Framework including full enrolment capbilities, travel insurance (purchasing and claims), a complete electronic e-Visa process, access to accurate and real time visa and immigration data and off-course the most accurate and comprehensive travel database to date. The single sign-on allows you to mix and match travel agents without having to reveal all your details. At the same time, it gives the travel agents the power of reaching out to hundreds of millions of people across the world. All of your activities on the consumer portal can be easily interchanged with your Smartphone device, enabling you to start something in the Consumer portal and finish it on your mobile device or vice versa.

Managing Your Profile
VisaPort lets you manage every aspect of your profile
Over 3,000 set of Data can be defined.
  • Manage Your Profile
  • Action Shortcuts
  • Official Data
  • Visa Specific Data
You Decide:
Add as little or as much data as you wish; everything is optional
Visually Appealing Forms
VisaPort allows you to manage your data in a visual method.
Extensive use of icons to make the process more appealing:
  • Visual Aids
  • Simple & Informative
  • Extgensive use of Icons
Define Your Ethnicity:
Set your Ethnicity, eye & hair colour with three clicks.
Historical Data
VisaPort provides a placeholder for private data.
Add it to your profile and save yourself the need to manually answer these questions.
  • Military Service
  • Political Affiliations
  • Medical & Health
  • Previous Convictions
Save Time:
Many visa application require private data, VisaPort lets you add them here
Manage Visa Applications
View, edit or Duplicate Previous Visa Applications.
From one central location:
  • View or Reprint Visa Application
  • Reapply Using Same Details
  • Check Status of Visa Applications
Visa Application Management:
Dynamically manage current or past visa applications, reuse data, simplify your life.
Visa Application Process
VisaPort enables you to apply for Visa in 5 simple steps
Apply for a visa, book your hotel and flights and take out travel insurance in the same process
  • Complete Visa Application Process
  • Integrated Hotel and Flights Bookings
  • Integrated Travel Insurance Shopping
Fast & Powerful:
VisaPort's flagship eVisa system simplifies the Visa Application Process
Manage Your Family
VisaPort is family centric and friendly
Designed with the family in mind.
  • Define & Manage Family
  • Add Family Members to Bookings
  • Add Family Members to Visa applications
Hassle Free:
Add family members to bookings & visa application in the same process
Supporting Documents
VisaPort lets you manage all your supporting documents centrally Add them, authenticate them and never have to present supporting documents again
  • Full Document Matrix Support
  • Manage Valildity & Status
  • Authenticate Documents
  • Share Documents
On Demand Documents:
Manage your supporting documents and make them available to Embassies & Consulates
Contact Management
VisaPort allows you to manage a complex set of contact details
Add them once, and simplify your visa application process later
  • Fully Described Addresses
  • Fully Described Phone Numbers
  • Social Media Links & emails
Flexible Contact definition that simplifies every aspect of your visa application
VisaPort lets you build up your education profile for use throughout the Framework
Use it for Visa applications or to generate your CV
  • Education Records
  • Large Educational Institute Database
  • Create Default Templates
Flexibility without Sacrificing Conventions & Standards

The Visa Schedule tool enables the ministry to set immigration policy for an individual country, a zone or for a travel purpose. Immigration schedules are linked to immigration directives maintaining a historical audit trail of why schedules were updated. Changes in immigration rules automatically trigger an automated news release to announce change. Each rule can be adapted to the 90/180 rule enabling embassies and border control to verify the eligibility of the traveller's entry rights. The immigritation shedule is communicated to both the VisaPort Smartphone application or the consumer edition in a visual manner maintaining the standardized look and feel of the VisaPort solution. Changes to immigration schedules can be performed in minutes with structured authorization layer in place to prevent the misuse or abuse of the feature.