Redefining the Visa Application Process with VisaPort

While Ministries of Foreign Affairs deliver routine assistance to citizens abroad, they are also responsible for managing the impacts of foreign crises that involve citizens. Intense media and public scrutiny can make the management of a consular crisis a very high profile event. VisaPort is a comprehensive integrated "person-centric" crisis management solution that provides the ideal balance of proactive and reactive tools and extends the reach of a government beyond its borders to help provide assistance to citizens in need – wherever the crisis may occur. VisaPort is comprised of an integrated set of tools. These include preparedness (travel advice, traveler/resident registration, contingency plans), crisis response (inquiry logging, real-time reports, statistics, information portal) and access to long term consular case management ( assistance, victim identification, family liaison). The products are designed to effectively function both independently and collaboratively with each other - providing flexibility to the Ministry to address their particular needs.

VisaPort proactively facilitates the development, testing, storage and exchange of contingency planning information for use by headquarters and missions. Industry standard emergency planning references, hazard assessment rating functions, templates, consular checklists and guides contained in this comprehensive toolkit, make developing, using and even updating contingency plans less time consuming.

Travel Adviceenables Ministries to post travel advisories on their website to help educate citizens and allow them to make informed choices prior to departure. This product allows for the selection, creation or modification of a travel report for any country and sub-national unit (geographical area within country) using templates created for standardized categories. Additionally, travel reports are archived each time a new one is created and can be easily retrieved by country or sub-national unit and sorted by date/time.

Registration supports the registration of citizens living or traveling abroad. This information aids in emergency situations where it is used to locate citizens, provide emergency communications assistance and to manage the warden system. An online component provides citizens with the ability to log on to the Internet and record their own registration details prior to departure. Information on pre-registered or self-registered citizens from this product can also be passed to the Crises product in the event of a crisis.

Crisis Administration provides management of the large numbers of enquiries that come from affected people, concerned friends and family during a crisis and allows for authorized users to quickly record pertinent information and proceed to the next call. Information can be entered and immediately retrieved by case officers at both headquarters and missions via a shared database about the affected persons, their needs and related callers. The product also has vital functionality to alert users to the possibility of duplicate entries of the same individual, allowing reconciliation and ultimately the production of accurate reports. Individuals can also submit an online enquiry on an affected person as an alternative to telephone calls.

Emergency Information Portal is a web-based reporting dashboard tool that provides senior management and operational teams at MFA Headquarters (HQ) and missions with a centralized view of international emergencies affecting their missions around the world. Optimized for MoFA operations and global networks, it helps Ministries of Foreign Affairs obtain a shared situational awareness so they can better manage their response to an emergency. The Portal combines the elements of an Enterprise Information Portal, Situational Awareness Tool, Dashboard and, Enterprise Content Management into a MoFA specialized solution that improves information distribution, provides interoperability with crisis management tools and behaves as an emergency communication repository.