Enhance your website with the eGoVisa API

Power your app or website with the eGoVisaAPI function, which can be used to find detailed information about visas, embassies and many other visa related data across a wide range of categories. Backed by the same database used by the eGoVisa framework, the eGoVisa Visa Schedule API features over 45,000 embassies and over 200,000 visa from every embassy or consulate around the world. eGoVisaAPI is capable of providing accurate travel & visa data within your HTML, text, or web-based content. We employ sophisticated algorithms and state of the art technology to deliver the information you require. eGoVisaAPI is unique in the industry with its unique combination of advanced multi-lingual support, RDF/Linked Data, context-sensitive entity disambiguation, comprehensive type support, and quotations extraction. API endpoints are provided for performing named entity extraction on Internet-accessible URLs and posted HTML files or text content. Embassy data that are updated frequently through owner-verified embassy-moderated contributions.

The eGoVisa Visa Schedule API allows you to query for detailed information on a variety of categories, such as: Embassy Details, Visa immigration rules, visa specific details, travel advisories and contact information. The eGoVisa VisaSched API is also integrated into the Google Maps API as a JavaScript Library. eGoVisaAPI provides REST API endpoints for all text-mining and content analysis functionality. REST endpoint URLs are defined within API documentation for named entity extraction.

Base URL for all API traffic is: api.egovisa.com

Documentation: Here's the documentation for the whole VisaSched API. You can find here all the methods and feeds available, plus API kit details.

Authentication: eGoVisa's VisaSched is designed to ensure our users' accounts are safe. We require that users go to eGoVisa to authenticate a 3rd party application (such as yours), instead of allowing a possibly malicious 3rd party to handle the username/password. We make no exceptions. This approach supports all manner of applications, from websites, to mobile clients, to set-top boxes. Please carefully review the documentation to choose the flow that is most appropriate for your integration.

Limits: Since the VisaShced API is quite easy to use, it's also quite easy to abuse, which threatens all services relying on the eGoVisa API. To help prevent this, we limit the access to the API per key. If your application stays under 2500 queries per hour across the whole key (which means the aggregate of all the users of your integration), you'll be fine. If we detect abuse on your key, we will need to expire the key, or turn it off, in order to preserve the eGoVisa API functionality for others (including us!). We also track usage on other factors as well to ensure no API user abuses the system.

Data Security: Don't store all user data, such as auth tokens, in a central place. Doing so creates a tempting place for hackers to target in order to access many accounts at once.

Optimising API queries: Search and localised calls take more CPU cycles than simple data lookups and so they may take more time to execute. Also, keep an eye out for the "extras" parameters availability in the API queries which may help reduce how many calls you need to make.

Privacy: Every embassy or MOFA employs their own default privacy setting for their data. All data is being maintained by these organisation and is their property. Please honour this default by either uploading with this setting or presenting it as the pre-selected option in a list of other privacy options. You can get this default via the flickr.prefs.getPrivacy API call, and please check this default daily in case the user has changed it.

Short-term caching: Your application can cache API results for up to 24 hrs to help reduce API load. However we strongly discourage caching as the nature of the data is highly dynamic and can change at short notice.

Revoking API keys: We revoke keys for integrations that violate our API Terms of Use and our Community Guidelines. So make sure you read them carefully.

Requesting keys: You can request an API key here. We cannot change which account a key is handled under. You must be registered at eGoVisa and have had your account activated in order to qualify for a developer key or to integrate the VisaSched in your website or smartphone application.

API Access Key & Tokens

To use eGoVisaAPI, you need an access key. If you do not have an API key, you must first obtain one. Your usage of eGoVisaAPI is subject to the API terms of use. Your API key should be considered confidential and not shared with anyone or embedded within any package (software, etc) that is publicly distributed. Access keys are provided to registered members of the eGoVisa framework. All members must be verified and provide one piece of identification before their account is activated.

Usage Restrictions

Usage of eGoVisaAPI should abide by the restrictions of your respective API tier. Approved users are permitted to make a maximum of 30,000 API calls each day (or 1,000 daily calls for commercial use). More daily API calls (up to 200,000,000 daily) are available through an eGoVisaAPI Subscription Plan. Users of the eGoVisaAPI Free service tier must provide proper attribution within their website or application:

Other usage restrictions are listed in the eGoVisaAPI Terms of Use policy.