The Embassy & Consular Management System

The VisaPort Embassy Module is a components of the MOFA Portal providing the state with a direct interface to travellers and citizens living abroad; It is built on the framework's ability to transparantly interface with other framework modules. The Embassy Module is comprised of a number of sub-modules aimed realizing maximum security, reducing cost, increasing capacity, centralizing policy and providing a coherent and familiar interface to both its citizens and travellers requiring Visas without giving up the Embassy's monopolistic interests to Visa Application Centers. The module leverages the eGoVisa framework's capabilities and features allowing policy decisions to be immediately reflected at the representation level without lag. Policies decisions on immigration control are instantly applied at the embassy or mission. The module allows the embassy to manage every aspect of its mission including a complete electronic Visa application process, consular services such as passports, birth, death and marriage registration, and emergency consular services. MOFA is able to manage their portfolio of embassies through a single portal. The centralized nature of the system allows contact data to remain up-to-date eliminating incorrect contact details while eliminating stale websites.

The portal also provides a common web interface allowing embassies to maintain a familiar look and feel to their websites; without the need to manage the sites individually. The MOFA website template is completely configurable and the contents are managed as modules which are simply plugged-in. These modules interface with the other parts of the framework.