VisaPort - User Self Enrolment Features
Visa Summary

Simple & Comprehensive 3-Minute Self Enrolment Process

VisaPort supports a comprehensive mobile based self enrolment function which captures key data from the user's mobile enabling them to instantly take advantage of VisaPort's functionality. The single enrolment process supports both mobile and web-based platforms, allowing users to enrol on either platform and complete the enrolment on the other.

Vital & Accurate Embassy Information on your Fingertips

The VisaPort Embassy/Consulate function makes up a third of the VisaPort application and is dedicated to providing the user with a common interface to access information about embassies and consulates around the world. Packed with hundreds of features, the VisaPort Embassy function, consolidates and amalgamates the myriads of data from the Embassy/Consular portal and represents it to the user in a user friendly manner that is consistent across the entire regions of the world. While the look and feel remains constant, the data is drawn through the web services and formatted in real time. Every aspect of the Embassy Function can be configured by the relevant ministries. From embassy to contacts, addresses and to news releases including a full diplomatic directory, the VisaPort Embassy/Consulate literally puts the information at your fingerprints. Without a consistent process, the data life-cycle can become complicated and confusing, which commonly leads to errors and stale data. The improvement in data delivery methods is efficiency is paramount in this fast paced information technology driven world.

  • Dynamic Outpost Menu - VisaPort, allows Outposts to dynamically manage their Outpost Menu on the Smartphone. With the exception of the static entries, the Outpost is able to add or remove links and assign pages or functions to their menu. The ability to create an unlimited number of nested menus and pages provides Outposts with a powerful platform to deploy their content on mobile devices.