Better Emergency Procedures with VisaPort's Emergency Management Function

VisaPort is equipped with a comprehensive integrated "person-centric" crisis management solution that provides the ideal balance of proactive and reactive tools and extends the reach of a government beyond its borders to help provide assistance to citizens in need – wherever the crisis may occur. VisaPort is comprised of an integrated set of tools. These include preparedness (travel advice, traveler/resident registration, contingency plans), crisis response (inquiry logging, real-time reports, statistics, information portal) and access to long term consular case management (assistance, victim identification, family liaison). The products are designed to effectively function both independently and collaboratively with each other - providing flexibility to the Ministry to address their particular needs. During emergencies, your smartphone device becomes your gateway to essential information from your government to help keep you safe from unmitigated circumstances that can occur at any time.

  • Most Destinations Supported
  • Sort by price, duration, or departure and arrival time
  • Search by city or airport
  • Narrow your results with price, connections and on-board amenities filters
  • Share itineraries with family and friends via email or text message
  • View and write reviews through VisaPort and Trip Advisor
  • Add hotel bookings to your calendar
  • Fully integrated with Framework Data

If you have a flexible schedule and like to find the lowerst airline ticket price, then the VisaPort Smartphone app is for you. You can play around with dates, time of day, duration of flights, connections, aircraft types or seat types as well as airports all from one screen. You can quickly adjust the parameters and filters without having to re-enter any previous filters. As you adjust the parameters, new flight options are presented which can be saved to a scratchpad for later review and retrieval. You can also compare all the flights within your scratchpad by creating a custom view. After having completed your research and having selected your ideal flight, you can quickly confirm and ticket the booking without entering a single piece of information. The VisaPort Smartphone app takes flight research and booking to the next level of functionality by combining hotel and visa application into a seamless process that can be carried out on your Smartphone or tablet device.