VisaPort - User Self Enrolment Features
Visa Summary

Simple & Comprehensive 5-Minute Self Enrolment Process

VisaPort supports a comprehensive ICAO compliant mobile based self enrolment function which captures key data from the user's mobile enabling them to instantly take advantage of VisaPort's functionality. The single enrolment process supports both mobile and web-based platforms, allowing users to enrol on either platform and complete the enrolment on the other.

Simple & Comprehensive 5-Minute Self Enrolment Process

VisPort is equipped with the latest tools to enable full ICAO compliant mobile-based self enrolment to the eGoVisa Framework. Unlike traditional software which focuses on user registration, VisaPort attempts to capture as much information as possible from a mobile platform to provide instant access to its Visa Application Features. The VisaPort enrolment function not only enrol's the user's data, but also confirms the user's identity by de-duplicating them from the framework and checking the validity of the identification they use for enrolment.

  • Step 1 - With VisaPort, users are given the option of enrolling with their ID or travel document. This concept is a reverse process of the standard VisaPort enrolment where the ID is first verified and the data extracted from the document's MRZ is then used to populate the mandatory fields of the enrolment process. This process reduces the data entry burden on the enrollees resulting in a more user friendly experience and speeding up the enrolment process. VisaPort verifies the extracted data through the checksum method which ensures that the MRZ data was correctly read and processed. In addition to this, VisaPort extracts a sample of the holder's image and signature .

    Entry Burden Time - 30 Seconds