VisaPort helps to manage any travel visa application process

Daily Mail, London, United Kingdom - January, 2015 - Travelling can be stressful. Between perfecting your packing list for any weather contingency and tracking your arrival and departure times, it can be difficult to keep your information organised effectively. Thankfully, plenty of apps have popped up in recent years to help streamline your journey - whether you're heading abroad for business or leisure. MailOnline Travel selects the top ten most useful apps for every step of your holiday planning process, from packing to find your way around a strange city and even sending a postcard home. Read More

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Visa firm showcases biometric data transfer method

Planet Biometric, London - June 2015 eGoVisa Group has outlined a method for the exchange of biometric data for visa applications which it says improves security. Speaking at a Biometrics Institute meeting in London, eGoVisa CEO Ghassan Matar outlined his firm's eGoVisa Framework which is described as a system that allows governments, businesses and individuals to collaborate and exchange information in a standardised way while ensuring sensitive & private data remains under the control of their respective owners. Read More

New App Helps Travelers Fulfill Visa/Entry Requirements

Tangerine Travel - May, 2015 In the world of paperless travel, it makes sense that there would be an app for visa information. VisaPort is an app that works with embassies & consulates providing a service to help navigate through the requirements made by these institutions.

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Flight Center, United Kingdom - May, 2015 Travel visas have finally gone virtual with the launch of VisaPort. Released on app stores yesterday (May 28) for both iOS and Android, VisaPort allows travellers to submit visa applications on the go for hundreds of participating countries. Read More

Software aims to streamline visa process for corporate travel

VisaPort Corporate is a free cloud based solution that aims to help companies to set up a corporate travel program quickly, for little or no cost. The developers claim that companies can manage their travel requirements through a self service fully customisable and white label corporate travel portal with features that rival all systems on the market.

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VisaPort app enables instant visa applications

Travel Arabia, London - May, 2015 VisaPort - the world's first dedicated cloud for foreign ministries and embassies, has launched a new app to transform the visa process, enabling applications with the click of a button. Read More


VisaPort app revolutionises 'boring' VISA application process

Incentive Travel - London - May, 2015 For travellers everywhere the visa application process is a necessary evil which has to be endured. It's a time-consuming, stressful and often just plain annoying well not any longer. Read More


Find visa applications a hassle? There's now an app for that

Travolution - London - May, 2015 UK firm eGoVisa has developed an app which it claims will transform the process of applying for visas. VisaPort has been developed to take the hassle and time out of applying for visas, providing a one-stop-shop for 15,000 visa types for 34,000 embassies worldwide. Read More


New travel app makes visa applications simpler, faster and stress free, London - May, 2015 VisaPort is a new, free smartphone app that dramatically reduces the stress of making visa applications. Read More