VisaPort - User Self Enrolment Features
Visa Summary

Simple & Comprehensive 3-Minute Self Enrolment Process

VisaPort supports a comprehensive mobile based self enrolment function which captures key data from the user's mobile enabling them to instantly take advantage of VisaPort's functionality. The single enrolment process supports both mobile and web-based platforms, allowing users to enrol on either platform and complete the enrolment on the other.

Reduce Fraud with VisaPort's Instant Lost Travel Document Reporting Function

The VisaPort Lost Travel Documents function allows you to instantly communicate the loss of your travel documents or identification to the relevant authorities including the local police, your embassy, your Foreign Ministries and INTERPOL's lost and stolen database SLTD Database. Users can optionally place advertisements in the local press reporting the loss with a few keystrokes. In addition, the Lost Document function instantly suspends your passport from use within the eGoVisa Framework and informs our partner GDS of the loss, preventing any travel on the lost document. With the ability to electronically file your loss or theft, the function reduces the chance that your documents will be fraudulently used or that you will be a victim of identity theft.

  • Visual Threat Alert - VisaPort, collates travel advise from hundreds of countries and displays them as a color coded threat matrix helping you visualize the potential threats you may encounter during your travels abroad. The information is presented in a single screen and is tested against your upcoming travel plans or the citizenships you hold. The Threat matrix is totally integrated with VisaPort's travel booking features enabling you to receive real advice at the point of booking or planning.