Managing Embassies and Outposts

Managing your embassies just got a lot easier. VisaPort enables you to define your outpost structure in a simple yet extremely flexible way. You can create and manage all your outposts from a single location. The VisaPort system allows you to define every aspect of your mission from contact data, right through to the creation of dynamic websites that retain a common look and feel. Even boundaries of your outposts can be defined ensuring that visa applications are geographically distributed based on the applicant's location. By deploying our solution, the need to maintain individual embassy websites is relegated to the past.

Manage Outpost(s) Centrally
VisaPort lets manage your Outpost in one place.
Real time oversight of your overseas assets
  • Full Outpost Details
  • Outpost Status
  • Manage Access
  • Real Time Date
Gain Insight
Outposts are managed from one central location giving you the insight into your overseas operations
Add New Outpost Form
VisaPort lets you create Outpost(s) at will.
Fully featured form supports all possible fields
  • Full Outpost Details
  • Contact Details
  • Working Hours
  • Public & National Holidays
Rapid Outpost Creation
Outposts can be created in under 10 minutes with support for dynamic changes
Complex Communication Definition
VisaPort lets you manage every communication aspect of your outpost
The Most Comprehensive Communication Handling Ever:
  • Manage Phone, Fax & email Records
  • Assign Complex Working Hours
  • Assign Labels to Numbers
  • Suspend & Resume Number
Powerful & Simple:
Manage your communication records in a whole new way
Working Hour Schedule
VisaPort lets you visualize your working hours
Manage conflicts and optimize your contact availability:
  • Weekly & daily view of working hours
  • View Conflilcts
  • Dynamic Lunch Hours
  • Support for Prayer Times
Elegance & Outright
Visualize your contact presence. Increase customer satisfaction
Draw your Schedules
VisaPort lets you literally draw your availability
Dynamic effiency :
  • Draw Working Hours
  • Add Breaks & Lunch Hours
  • Add Prayer Times
  • Conflict Resolution
Fast & Accurate
Quickly optimize your contact hours and avoid collisions and conflicts
Add Outpost Pages
VisaPort lets you add html pages to your outpost
Instant generate a professional website through VisaPort CMS:
  • Unlimited Support for Web Pages
  • VisaPort CMS Integration
  • Instant Presence on VisaPort Smartphone App
  • Rich WYSIWYG Editor with Form Fields
Instant Website for your Outpost
Instantly generate an impressive online presence without a single line of code
Manage Outpost Access
VisaPort lets you assign Outpost access authorization
Manage usernames and passwords from one Place:
  • Assign User Name
  • Assign Roles
  • Assign Passwords
  • Manage IP Access
Manage Access Authorization
Decide who has access to what from where and when
Add Outpost Staff
VisaPort lets you add your Outpost Staff
Assign individuals to your outposts using a simple form:
  • Unlimited Staff Definition
  • Assign Designation
  • Add Spouse
  • Add Biography
Dynamic Diplomatic List
Dynamically describe your staff, generate authorization and generate Diplomatic list

Once an outpost has been defined and activated, authorized users can begin the process of localizing the Embassy. With VisaPort, your ministry can maintain overall control while assigning role bsed tasks to individuals users. In conjunction with the Embassy Portal, every aspect of your outpost's operations can be managed in a clear and concise manner. Performance data relating to visa issuance, competitiveness or financial performance and those that focus on the determinants of the results such as quality of applicants, applicant satisfaction and resource utilization can easily be measured.