Managing MoFA Passport Database

Passports and travel documents are critical lines of defense against illegal immigration, crime, terrorism and other international threats. As foreign travel continues to increase, governments worldwide strive to maximize document security without inconveniencing travelers. VisaPort® in conjunction with GovPort® offers Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Interior Ministries and Immigration departments an end-to-end chain-of-trust for identity management and secure management and issuance of travel documents. VisaPort authenticates breeder documents, captures biometrics data and encodes it with a digital signature in full comliance with ICAO standards, enabling governments to establish a trusted source for verifying traveller identity throughout the VisaPort and GovPort framework.

Manage Passport Database
VisaPort lets you centrally define and manage your passport assets
Describe Your Passport Stock in Detail
  • Manage Passport Stock
  • Manage Revisions
  • Manage Passport Status
  • Track Passport Issuance
Online Authenticity Register
Automatically adds your Passport to VisaPort's online Authenticity Register
Manage Passport Images
VisaPort lets define and manage your passport Images
  • Add Passport Images
  • Assign Images to Pages
  • Manage Revisions
  • Historical Audit Trail
Visualize Your Passport Inventory
Pictures are worth a thousand words - Describe your passport with Photos
Image Assignment
VisaPort lets you assign images to Specific Pages
Add Internal and External Notes when required.
  • Assign Image to Page
  • Assign Internal Release Notes
  • Assign External Notes to Border Control
Reduce Passport Fraud
Simplify the detection of passport fraud through a visual representation of your passport
Passport Security
VisaPort lets you assign Passport Security Features to a Passport
Helps fight crime and terrorism:
  • Over 300 Security Features
  • Manage Suppliers
  • Annotate Security Feature
  • Strict Revision Control
Deter Counterfeiters
Add security features to your passport and personalize its application
Map Form Elements
VisaPort lets you map MRZ data to custom fields
  • Full MRZ Mapping
  • XML Mapping
Fast & Accurate
Quickly optimize your data capture procedures - retain legacy systems support
Complex Fee Management
VisaPort lets you add and manage a complex passport fee structure
Build your fee structure using :
  • Standard Fees
  • Priority Fees
  • Child/Infant Fees
  • Special Groups
Dynamic & Structured Passport Fees
Create a fee structure that suits your Ministry's needs
Manage Outpost Access
VisaPort lets you assign Outpost access authorization
Manage usernames and passwords from one Place:
  • Assign User Name
  • Assign Roles
  • Assign Passwords
  • Manage IP Access
Manage Access Authorization
Decide who has access to what from where and when
Add Outpost Staff
VisaPort lets you add your Outpost Staff
Assign individuals to your outposts using a simple form:
  • Unlimited Staff Definition
  • Assign Designation
  • Add Spouse
  • Add Biography
Dynamic Diplomatic List
Dynamically describe your staff, generate authorization and generate Diplomatic list

VisaPort captures the applicant's biometrics and securely transfers the information to the adjudication officer who asses the applicant's entitlement. Once approved, the passport data is carefully and securely prepared in compliance with ICAO requirements and transferred as an image to production for full personilization, quality control and inventory management. In conjunction with third party hardware, the passports are printed using the latest state of the art secure printing technologies and delivered to the applicant. Passports are automatically added to the VisaPort and Govport platforms enabling travellers to view and manage their passports. VisaPort also manages all post-issuance processes including data updates, PIN changes, reissuance and replacements as well as automatic border control checking.