Enhance decision-making through Analytics

The VisaPort dashboard allows you to align metrics with the strategic goals of your Ministry and Embassy. The dashboard allows sharing of key information between different departments in the Ministry and outposts to ensure that they are all aligned toward the core value proposition. The analytic dashboard solution is a cutting-edge data visualization tool that can perform in-depth, intuitive analysis in real time without the need for a pre-built data model. More and more, managers are looking to move beyond historical and descriptive data, and using forecasting and predictive measures to inform their decision-making. With the VisaPort metrics, you can measure engagement in real-time and learn how to make your Visa Process more efficient.

These metrics are included as standard in the dashboard because they are the best predictors of success. Seeing where your Ministry or Embassy ranks in these measures, and how it compares over time and can help Ministry officials or Visa Officers focus their attention on key areas for actionable decisionmaking. VisaPort delivers a flexible, scalable, and easy to use business intelligence and analytics tool that offers the right information delivery approach – for every kind of user.