Drive new revenue sources, enhance customer satisfaction, accelerated time-to-market and optimize performance with an VisaPort OEM partnership. Once you become a partner, we enable you to market and sell your 'Powered by eGoVisa' and 'Powered by VisaPort' solution with everything you need. Program requirements are simple for all OEM partners -- we will work with you to quickly qualify your specific needs and guarantee a customized solution built under your corporate brand can be brought to market in 60 to 90 days at most.

eGoVisa has invested millions of dollars in developing its flagship eGoVisa Framework, a world-class eGovernment Enterprise management platform and its VisaPort MoFA and Embassy Management suite. We have become a technology leader in the eGovernment market and focus on a deployment architecture ideal for application integration. Typical eGoVisa OEM partners range from ERP and CRM software vendors that integrate VisaPort for seamless management of their ministry and outposts to software and information providers that integrate our technology with their own for specialized solutions that solve industry specific challenges.

As an OEM partner, you receive everything you need to offer your customers powerful eGovernment capabilities—from training and implementation services to promotion. By integrating eGoVisa's award-winning system into your product or including it as an optional add-on module, you can bring your customers what they need most: simple, powerful and intuitive document management that anyone can use. The VisaPort OEM program is simple and easy to join. Our business-friendly, flexible licensing models allow you to bundle, add-on and host eGoVisa technology in or with your solutions and services, and we support everything from on-premise installations to Cloud and Hybrid deployment models. Interested in learning more? Please fill out the form below and a member of our OEM team will promptly follow up with you.

Give your customers tools to deepen insight and make faster decisions.Increase deal size with a larger portfolio of product offerings.

Latest News


London, UK - Dec, 2014
Imense Limited joins the VisaPort partners program by delivering first class OCR software for the VisaPort iOS and Android platform.


London, UK - Nov, 2014
Crossmatch selected as VisaPort's strategic hardware provider for the collection of fingerprints.


BILL YOUNG Joins eGoVisa as New CFO

London, United Kingdom - July, 2014 As we near the official launch of the eGoVisa suite of products; the development team is pleased to

Service Partners


Expedia helps VisaPort deliver the best value for our customers through the lowest hotel and airline fares


PayPal helps us accept and make payments in more than 100 different currencies.


Barclays helps our government clients accept payments for Visa services through their ePDQ system.


Amadeus helps VisaPort to connect to airline and hotel providers' inventory in real time