Managing Your Outpost Operations

Operating your Embassies and outposts just got a lot smarter and simpler. VisaPort™ enables you to manage your outposts in a whole new way, increasing your outpost's operating efficiency and reducing your back-office costs. With VisaPort™, you can accelerate your outpost's decision making process, deliver enhanced services to both your citizens and nationals and maintain consistency across all channels. VisaPort™ accomplishes this by using consistent information globally, ensuring all channels are aligned with your outpost's objectives while enforcing the segregation of duties and security policies at multiple levels.

Every aspect of your outpost's data has a unique and addressable container. You can choose a flat structure or opt for a complex hierarchy to your outpost; whichever your choose, VisaPort™ provides you with the tools to get the job done. With VisaPort™, you can manage your entire Visa process offline or totally online with few resources. In addition, you can reduce visa fraud, deliver timely information to your citizens or nationals, manage emergencies and provide an array of consular services without the need for human interaction. Coupled with the dynamic content management system, integrated document management system and a payment gateway, you can run a first class outpost with little or no effort. The Outpost Portal is fully integrated with our VisaPort™ Smartphone solutions at no extra cost giving your stakeholders an additional access layer inline with modern and popular technology platforms.