VisaPort Honorary Consulate Service Subscription Features

VisaPort offers a reduced service Portal for Honorary Consulates enabling them to take advantage of the many features of the Consulate Portal but without the need to maintain a fully fledged portal. The Honorary consulate module has a lower monthly subscription fee to reflect the ceremonial role often played by Honorary Consulates around the world. Although the portal has reduced functionality, it still retain the core essence of the VisaPort platform enabling Honorary Consulates to project a uniform online presence and provide timely information to the citizens of the country they are operating in.

VisaPort for Honorary Consulates is a reduced service portal that enables Honorary consulates to maintain an online presence, project a uniform and standard website that conforms with their parent MoFA and deliver timely information to the public. The VisaPort Honorary consulate still delivers the same power as its sister portals but a discounted price. Honorary consuls are recognised in international law and theoretically enjoy the same privileges as career diplomats, therefore they should project a professional image. All too often, Honorary Consulates have no online presence, use generic email addresses and due to budgetrary pressures, don't satisfy the needs of the public. Furthermore, they are typically locals appointed in cities too insignificant for professional consulates and more often, they are not paid for their services. Their numbers have been growing steadily in recent years, to more than 20,000 worldwide. Many represent small or fast-growing countries. Estonia has 165, up from 100 only a few years ago. Iceland has 250. Among large countries, Australia, Canada and Russia are enthusiastic employers of honorary consuls. By deploying the honorary consulate portal, Honorary Consulates can deliver news, visa and immigration information and project an image that is consistent with someone representing a sovereign government.

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Server Features Optional Services Subscription
Outposts Users eVisav
256 GB 250 GBincoming/Outgoing 1-10 1 $3.00per month $5.00per applicant $3.00per Visa $.10per Message $3.00per applicant 750.00/month
2-10 11-50 $3.00per month $5.00per applicant $3.00per Visa $.10per Message $3.00per applicant 700.00/month
11-30 51+ $3.00per month $5.00per applicant $3.00per Visa $.10per Message $3.00per applicant 650.00/month
31+ 51+ $3.00per month $5.00per applicant $3.00per Visa $.10per Message $3.00per applicant 600.00/month

VisaPort average uptimes by datacenter by month

month US EMEA month US EMEA US month EMEA
Jan-2015 99.96% 100.00% Dec-2014 100.00% 99.83% Nov-2014 100.00% 100.00% ********_**
Oct-2014 100.00% 99.91% Sep-2014 100.00% 99.95% Aug-2014 100.00% 99.97% ********_**
Jul-2014 100.00% 100.00% Jun-2014 100.00% 100.00% May-2014 100.00% 100.00% ********_**
Apr-2014 100.00% 100.00% Mar-2014 100.00% 99.85% Feb-2014 100.00% 100.00% ***--***-**
Jan-2014 100.000% 100.000% Dec-2013 100.000% 99.762% Nov-2013 100.000% 100.000% ******-*-**
Cost Per Agent Per Month $9 $12 $16
Attachment Size Limits 2MB 8MB 16MB
Email Addresses unlimited unlimited unlimited
Number of Tickets unlimited unlimited unlimited
Email Support
Phone Support
Custom Domains & Branding
SSL Encryption (HTTPS Support)
Forced HTTPS Support
Custom SSL Certificates
DKIM Email Signing