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The latest release Increases user productivity, Improves database Performance and extends support to Diplomatico

eGoVisa London, United Kingdom of Great Britain & Northern Ireland - 3 November 2016 - (Marketing Department)

By utilizing a simplified data model and the award-winning VisaPort user experience, the new release helps reduce complexity and unleash the next wave of business productivity. Through prediction and pattern recognition capabilities, along with machine learning, VisaPort 2.x lays the foundation to reduce exception management for more routine transactions, empowering the workforce to focus on higher-value tasks with embedded analytics and real-time insights.

“With this tenth major on-premise release of VisaPort, Governments of all sizes can take advantage of innovations offered” said Ghassan Matar , CEO of eGoVisa. “Innovations in line of business and industry functionality allow Governments to realize productivity gains and dramatically simplify their IT landscapes. VisaPort in conjunction with GovPort is the digital core that helps Governments run live in today’s digital world.”

  • Event management provides simplified and highly scalable outpost event management, with enhanced user productivity in a range of functions to help provide simplify the planning of events, the invitation lifecycle and visibility. In addition to the pre-planning functions, VisaPort provides a entire set of functions for the post phase of events such as the dissemination of press releases, photos and attendance lists.
  • Enhanced News Release (ENR) includes embedded news releases natively deployed to DIplomatico without the need for complex integration and data maintenance. Auto key word indexing, strict censorship guidelines and enforcement as well as grammar and spell checking.
  • Multimedia & Social Media Support (SMMS) enables outposts and Foreign Ministries to embed multimedia sources from all the major feeds to dramatically bring to life the typically boring press releases.
  • Multi-Lingual Support for Embassies Ministries can now manage their outpost details in any language increasing the accuracy of searches.
  • Enhanced Diplomatico Integration - Enhanced support for Outpost Staff Profiles, better rendering of outpost communication data. Extended support for languages spoken, hobbies and historical experience
  • New Relatives Linking - A totally rewritten and enhanced set of functions to simplify the process of linking relatives. Family members can now be searched for and added through a simplified process that avoids duplicates and ensures the correct relations.
  • Improved First & Last name lookup - The entire first, middle and surname tables have been cleaned up and optimized. Support for entering names in any language.
  • Major Database Enhancements - We have revamped our databases to increase the overall performance of searches. A major portion of the business logic has now been ported to procedures with XML support.

Diplomatico Features

  • Registration & Member Login - A pull down member registration and login system has been implemented. New users can now associate themselves with their outpost which is then received in the Diplomatico Enrolment queue in the MoFA or Embassy backend.
  • Universal Search - The universal search has been enhanced and now processes lookups much faster. DUS now supports cross relationships enabling enhanced results.
  • Extended Search - This new feature allows any keyword to be entered in the universal search field and Diplomatico returns structured data in the main viewing pane.
  • Outpost Browser - A brand new and convenient way to browse outposts by Region, country or by services.
  • Event Publishing - Events are now published immediately in diplomatico with proper formatting and relationships to other similar events
  • Events Widget (Localized) - Whenever diplomatico detects upcoming events in your city or nearby, the widget will automatically show the event in the right pane.
  • Video Support - News releases can now be augmented with Youtube and other video feeds. Multiple videos can be shown per article.