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eGoVisa rolls out ENrollTab - Low cost Next Generation Mobile eGovernment Kit

eGoVisa Prague, Czech Republic - 27 March 2016 - (PR Department)

Today, eGoVisa announced the production availability of the ENrollTab: a bi-modal biometric mobile kit designed for delivering eGovernment services to remote regions and locations. The new technology combines a PIV-certified FAP 45 optical fingerprint sensor and a face camera with the openness of Android operating system to deliver full eGovernment services to the most extreme and remote regions in the world.

eGoVisa's new solution is serving its markets with the versatility demanded for in-the-field e-government service provision and biometrics. The ENrollTab is mobile and light (only 12 kgs) and can be used as an accurate and fast multi-modal biometric capture in extreme conditions.

“Until now, e-Government services was out of reach for rural villages especially in countries with a large population spread out across many small but dispersed communities. Furthermore, facial and fingerprint capture in an integrated device was difficult in extreme high humidity and hot conditions,” explains Ghassan Matar, CEO of eGoVisa Group. “Windows-based devices originally developed for the military are comparatively difficult to use outdoors  and application development for was cumbersome and expensive. Today’s users expect a handheld device to be as easy to use and approachable as their smartphone. It’s fantastic to have all this in an open source device that costs about one-quarter of other equipment currently on the market.”

eGoVisa has created a mobile eGovernment solution that can be used for biometric enrolment, in-the-field ID generation, civil registrations such as Birth, Marriage, Death and name changes, voting, polling, and any other conceivable government service.

ENrollTab Kit Contents

  • Android Based Tablet 32/64 GB, 1GB RAM, 4GB ROM
  • Optical Fingerprint Capture
  • 8MB HD Camera
  • HF/UHF RFID Reader ISO18000-c ISO/IEC 14443 A
  • 1D/2D Integrated Laser Barcode Scanner
  • WiFi, Bluetooth, GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/WCDMA/HSDPA
  • GPS 10m
  • Integrated Wireless Printer Full Colour
  • Integrated Card Laminator
  • Signature Capture Stylus
  • Spares & Ink Cartridges
  • IP65/67/68 Positive Pressure Ruggedized Mobile Carrying Case
  • Optional Inverter with Battery Pack
  • Optional Solar Powered Array

This focus on convenience will likely go a long way for eGoVisa. Throughout the second half of 2015, a great number of deployments and contracts were announced, with vendors throwing their weight behind efforts to break down adoption obstacles. In combining mobility with this easy deployment attitude, eGoVisa has not only innovated in terms of hardware, but also made adoption of the ENrollTab an attractive prospect for under-developed or developing nations with a large and dispersed population in hostile environments.

“While eGoVisa is a relatively new company, the executive and engineering teams within the organization have been in the government industry for many years,” elaborates Martin Hudasek, Marketing Coordinator at eGoVisa Group. “ENrollTab represents the summation of all the lessons we’ve learned in the areas of mobility and biometric technologies.  It is the ultimate combination of biometrics technology and the GovPort eGovernment Framework running on a state of the art mobile platform. Programs such as voter ID, benefits distribution, border crossing, refugee management are just a few of the areas that will benefit from having an inexpensive, mobile and easy to use device. “