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eGoVisa announces the launch of VisaPort 2.0 for the iOS operating system.

eGoVisa Prague, Czech Republic - 14 April 2016 - (PR Department)

eGoVisa today announced a series of improvements to its VisaPort mobile application to better meet customers’ changing needs and make it easier for users to manage their visa requirements digitally. The new updates include the introduction of fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in. The app was released to the Apple iTune store and should be available for download shortly. This release marks the seventh release of the VisaPort app and includes touch ID support, bug fixes, improved performance, improved handling and a new enhanced user interface. The release also sees the removal of all advertisements from the app.

Touch ID Support

The new fingerprint and Touch ID sign-in capabilities provide eligible iPhone and iPad customers with a secure and convenient way to log into the VisaPort mobile app using their fingerprint. This feature allows access to the most common functionality of the app without the additional need for a passcode. As part of the company's ongoing commitment to staying ahead of advancements in mobile device authentication, the technology supporting fingerprint sign-in was built according to FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) standards.


eGoVisa has removed all advertising from its flagship iOS app. The decision to remove the advertisement was taken to increase the adoption rate of the app, increase the screen size and make room for additional data.

Real estate on smartphone devices is extremely limited and the need to make use of this valuable space was deemed more important than display ads.” says Ghassan Matar, Chief Executive Officer of eGoVisa Group. “We were also troubled by the quality of the ads being displayed which did not reflect the ethics or professional ethos held by the company..

User Interace

As part of the ongoing development of the VisaPort app, the user interface is now undergoing a major shift aimed at taking advantage of the latest trends in mobile apps. This release sees the transition of the app from the older flat approach to the new, more modern multi-dimensional style.

The iOS version can be downloaded from iTunes. Any user, including non-VisaPort or eGoVisa clients, can download the application for free and take it for a test drive via the “demo account” option available on the “Sign In” screen.  Once enrolled, the user's account is completely compatible with the web-based edition of VisaPort which can be access at