Managing Consular Appointments

Book, manage and track interviews times with VisaPort. Our powerful integrated consular appointment scheduling software does more than just book appointments. It helps your consular section stay organized and boost productivity by easily managing multiple staff schedules, unscheduled leave, consular security incidents and holidays. VisaPort allows you to create effective and balanced schedules that maximize the utilization of consular staff time, as well as additional resources ranging from specialized equipment to venue and interview rooms. Your interview slots are managed in real-time and can be booked during the online Visa Process with instant email and SMS reminders for every appointment you book, cancel or reschedule. VisaPort provides the information you need to make the critical decisions that will increase appointment volumes, improve customer satisfaction and help you better manage your staff & operations. Whether it's appointment volumes, customer satisfaction rates, cost per appointment or wait times, it's all at your fingertips.

The VisaPort utilizes a rules-based scheduling and resource management system that supports appointment transactions as well as event registration. You can define activities based on the resources required (people, facilities, equipment), apply constraints based on your unique rules, and expose availability only for time-slots where everything works as you defined. And because it’s a real-time database driven system, there is never a chance of accidental overbooking. Decision makers now have clear, actionable visibility into the customer experience from the ministerial level right down to conversations with individual customers. This degree of multi-channel, always available engagement creates a unique feeling of client control and empowerment resulting in stronger relationships, and increased performance.