An Overview of the VisaPort Portal Security Architecture (VPSA)

Security is the doorway to the VisaPort system. The VisaPort Portals provide personalized access to information, applications, processes, and people. They are central access points that authenticate users and control access to various kinds of information and applications. The nature of the content of portals can range from public information that needs no strong protection (such as articles in a news portal) to classified information within enterprises or governments. To accommodate such different levels of security requirements, VisaPort Portal integrates with different security infrastructure components for authentication, authorization, and single sign-on (SSO) so that customers can choose the combination that best matches their security needs. One key aspect of the VisaPort portal is the use of Authorization Objects which are checked each time a user attempts an action in VisaPort. Our hiearchical security profile manages these Objects which are assigned to single, derived or composite roles. Roles are built on top of Profiles and include additional components such as user menus, personalization and workflow.

Structure your Portal Security
VisaPort lets you control every aspect of your portal's security
using our comprehensive security protocols
  • Manage Record Classification
  • Manage Roles
  • Assign Roles
  • Audit Logs
Prevent Unauthorized Access:
Simple yet effective tools to manage every aspect of your Portal's security
Make Instant Changes
VisaPort enables Ministries & Outposts to define user access
by abstracting resources and entitlements as roles.
  • Improving Timeliness & Accuracy of Provisioning
  • Role Management Implementation Acceleration
  • Single Authoritative Source for Roles
  • Stronger Regulatory Compliance
Strict Audit Logs:
Changes can be traced back in time.
Complex Function - Simple Form
VisaPort Role Manager dramatically improves the accuracy of
resource provisioning based on policy.
  • Real-time response to Events
  • Align Access & Entitlements to Ministerial Policy
  • Identify Rogue Entitlements
  • Detect 'orphaned' users
Analytical Tools:
Tools to ssist in analyzing & cleaning existing data while creating a secure foundation.

From the moment a user logs into the VisaPort system, all of the Authorizations that the User has access to are loaded into a User Security Buffer. As the User attempts to perform any activity, the system checks wether or not the user has the appropriate authorization Objects clearance in that buffer. Unauthorized Objects are automatically hidden from the user's dashboard.