VisaPort™ - Universal Framework Login
Visa Summary

Single Sign on to Framework

Instant Authentication

Sign on to the Framework from your mobile device, desktop or browser. The same credentials are valid no matter which device you use. Instant authentication and security verification. Users can manage access through the Apps section of their eGoVisa accounts or, on an any device, through a new Apps settings tab. As well as dictating what data is shared with the app, users can also control what information they share about what apps they are using and with whom.

VisaPort™ - Travel Advisory Feature
Visa Summary

VisaPort Travel Advice

Stay Safe & Stay Informed

Get the latest advisories from your Foreign Ministry directly to your Smartphone. VisaPort's dynamic travel Advisory feature enables Ministries to broadcast their advisories in real-time to your Smartphone device. Our travel centric logic determines if you are either in the country or are travelling to that country and alerts you immediately of possible dangers. The advisory supports country, regional and city based advice. A colour coded universal threat matrix gives you a visual representation of current threats. Check your Embassy status and stay in tune with emergency contingencies.

the VisaPort App

The Most Expensive Application Ever Developed

The VisaPort iOS application is designed to interface to the eGoVisa framework enabling you to make use of all of the framework features using your smartphone. Like all the solutions offered by eGoVisa; the iOS application is built with the consumer in mind. By taking advantage of advances in high speed 3G and 4G connectivity, the application provides the user with access to a world of e-government, travel and insurance solutions. The application is free of charge with advertisement. A paid for version is available which is free from advertising.

“Access all the features of the eGoVisa framework using your iOS Smartphone.”

What can it do

Like its sister Android and Windows Mobile application, the VisaPort iOS application will enable you to obtain accurate Visa and Immigration information, make visa applications from your smart phone, report lost documents, book airline tickets, hotel rooms and purchase travel insurance. All this can be done with a few keystrokes and in a single process as opposed to other systems which require you to go through tedious formalities.

Visa Applications

The VisaPort iOS application lets you generate a complete Visa Application Package for yourself and family members for any combination of country, citizenship and travel purpose. Where supported, VisaPort will complete the Visa application process for you entirely and deliver you an electronic Visa directly to your Smartphone's wallet.

Visa Enquiries

The VisaPort iOS application lets you search up to 15,000 visa types from across the world and from over 1,500 embassies. Every detail of the visa including cost, entry conditions, document requirements and lead time are available. Users can test if they qualify using the Document Matrix Logic which compares the user's enrolment against the visa requirements. eGoVisa is working on support for all 38,000 Embassies, Missions and Consulates Worldwide. To view supported countries, click here

Overseas Vital Records

The VisaPort iOS application lets you register your overseas birth, death, marriages and divorces. Vital record registration is available to any embassy which is a member of the framework. Registration of vital events is hassle free, requiring only a few steps. The overseas national registration function allows you to automatically inform your Embassy each and every time you travel to a foreign country.

Travel Bookings

The VisaPort iOS application lets you book your travel plans using an intuitive interface that can be linked to your visa application. Find the best deals by searching multiple consolidators and save up to 40%. The system allows you to search for hotels by price, reviews or by availability. Find the cheapest airline fare all in under 15 seconds by searching millions of flights from hundreds of airlines around the world. You can link your preferred travel agent so you buy directly from them, or you can opt to complete the booking with us.