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Intellectual property Rights

We ask that you help us by properly using and crediting eGoVisa and VisaPort trademarks in accordance with these guidelines.

eGoVisa Trademarks

eGoVisa's trademarks and service marks ("eGoVisa trademarks") are valuable assets that eGoVisa needs to protect. We ask that you help us by properly using and crediting eGoVisa trademarks in accordance with these guidelines. For information about proper use of eGoVisa & VisaPort logos, logotypes, signatures, and design marks, please review the Third Party Usage Guidelines for eGoVisa Logos.

Permissible Use You may generally use eGoVisa trademarks to refer to the associated eGoVisa products or services. For instance, an authorized reseller can note in its advertisements that it is selling the eGoVisa application server. Similarly, an eGoVisa customer may issue a press release stating that it has implemented eGoVisa software.

Relationship of Products or Services

You may indicate the relationship of your products or services to eGoVisa products or services by using accurate, descriptive tag lines such as "for eGoVisa Framework," "for use with the eGoVisa Suite applications," and "works with eGoVisa software" in connection with your product or service name. Within text or body copy, such tag lines may appear in the same type as your product or service name. On product, packaging, advertising and other collateral where your product or service name is displayed apart from body copy, make sure that the tag line appears in significantly smaller type than your name. You should also distinguish the tag line from your mark by using a different font or color. However, eGoVisa or the tag line should never appear in the eGoVisa blue color. This is important to avert any implication that your product or service is produced or endorsed by eGoVisa.

Prohibited Use

You may not use eGoVisa trademarks in a manner which could cause confusion as to eGoVisa sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement. Take particular care not to use eGoVisa marks as set out below.