Managing Travel Advisories

One of the duties of your Ministry is to keep your citizens abreast of any potential threats they may face during their trips overseas. These threats can often be advisory in nature such as entry and exit requirements, health conditions, local laws and culture, natural disasters and climate, or specific such as warnings relating to terrorism or security. The accurate dissimination of this information is paramount to mitigating the risks your citizens will face when travelling abroad. VisaPort delivers the tools and functions to your ministry to help you create and manage your travel advisories in a timely manner leaving nothing to chance.

Advisories can be created to Zones or individual countries and can narrowed to regions, cities and areas within a country. Ministries are able to determine the complexity and threat nature based on a color coded chart which is standardized across nations. Your citizens are able to get the necessary information at the point of their travel planning and be kept abreast of changes dynamically. The travel Advisory is one of many citizen services features available in the VisaPort system.