VisaPort - Visa Summary Features
Visa Summary

Clear & Concise Visa Information when needed

VisaPort delivers clear, concise and up to date Visa information drawn directly from the embassy's portal. Every aspect of a visa is presented in a set of tabulated screens eliminating the need to hunt for it

Deliver Your Visa Information Directly to Smartphones

The Visa Information screens allows Ministries and Embassies to deliver their visa data directly to the user's smartphone device. The Visa Information screen is a summary screen that contains all the visa details to help would-be applicants get the information they need when they need it.

  • 1. In order to attain specific visa information, the Framework must construct the Visa Definition Record array which will point it to the correct Visa and return it to the Smartphone device. When a VDR is created by MoFA it is associated with a set of data such as travel purpose, citizenship and a visa matrix or visa rules. The Smartphone application allows you to build this array through a series of screens which results in the Visa Detail Screen; a unified placeholder that enables you to view all the information you could need about the specific combination you specified in the preceding screens.