Global Visa Processing Solution

VisaPort was designed and purpose-built to standardize and simplify the Visa application process for all the stakeholders through a global visa processing solution for governments. From the creation and management of Visas to the adjudication and delivery of the Visa itself, every step has been carefully thought through. With VisaPort, a single logical view of applicant information across different systems with improved data integrity and consistency across multiple channels is achieved resulting in common data integrity services for identification, document and image authentication and biometrics. The VisaPort system is used to process off shore visa applications through a virtual embassy portal while still providing administrative and management support functions for overseas posts.

The VisaPort solutions will allow governments to tap into a range of management information and improve the timeliness, accuracy and completeness of reports of global visa processing activity. VisaPort suppors a global revenue management service which handles all visa fees with a single data repository for data storage, retrieval and reporting for all revenue relating to visa and citizenship applications. The entire Visa process can be managed online and Visas can be delivered at overseas posts or completely electronically via PDF or directly to Smartphones "eVisa".