Managing Visa Definition Records

VisaPort simplifies the creation and management of Visas for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Our solution structures the Visa into several segments and layers allowing each aspect of the Visa to be as flexible as possible. A Visa can be created in seconds using the Visa Definition Record tool. Once a visa has been created by MOFA, it is assigned a pre-defined template which supports both online and offline filling. Templates are constructed using a visual editor which draws on data-sets or form elements which can simply be dropped when data is required. This modular approach to Visa Application Forms, ensures a quick and cross-embassy uniform form deployment, free from errors. Fields can be added or removed with the confidence that changes are maintained through a robust revision control system. Visas are then assigned to either a Visa Schedule or a travel purpose and then made available to the Embassies for localization. The ministry can also define its supporting document requirement which is then enforced by the embassy. Visas can be created as legacy type, PDF or delivered electronically to Smartphones "eVisa".

Add a Visa Definition Record
VisaPort lets you create Visa(s) at will.
Fully featured form supports all possible fields
  • VDR Definition Status
  • Country Based Assignment
  • Cost Matrices
  • Fully Localizable
Full Audit Trail:
All modifications are logged. Changes are instantly made available to all Outposts
Dynamic WYSIWYG Editor
Create online Applications using WYSIWYG Editor.
With full form field element & barcode Support
  • Over 12,000 Form Fields Supported
  • Dynamic Questions & Answers
  • Support for all Barcode Types
Eliminate Redundant Forms
Forms are managed and assigned to Visas in one place. Changes are instant worldwide
Dynamic Question & Answers
VisaPort lets you define Questions and Answers for a visa
These are shown to the user at the application Stage:
  • Unlimited Questions
  • Cascading Structure
  • Answer Based Sub-Questions
  • SQL Calls within Fields
Form Field Questions:
Questions can be included in PDF application through form fields.

The Visa definition record is also equipped with the tools to enforce a set of cascading questions depending on the answers. When applicants use the eVisa application process, these questions are automatically triggered and must be answered by the applicants. Visas can be assigned to pre-defined serials and control numbers which are managed by authorized personnel of MOFA. Quotas can be enforced at will.