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VisaPort - The World's first dedicated Content Management System for Foreign Ministries and Their Outposts

Government is in the midst of a profound transformation, powered by innovative ideas and a commitment to do better. The new model puts citizens first and agencies out in front of needs - anticipating, personalizing, and delivering intelligent services when, where, and to whom they are needed. Streamline processes, cut costs, increase security and provide high-quality services to citizens - the demands on the public sector are greater than ever. To help Foreign ministries and Embassies rise to these challenges, VisaPort offers a cloud-based end-to-end Foreign Ministry portfolio tailored precisely to these needs. The VisaPort CMS helps ministries scale rapidly to meet changing needs, unlock new insights and drive productivity in a connected world. Whatever their specific business needs are, ministries can harness the power of the VisaPort platform to meet their top priorities and challenges while aggressively cutting IT costs.

VisaPort is an "on-demand software" delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis which is centrally or locally hosted. It is an e-Government solution for Foreign Ministries and their Outposts enabling them to eliminate the headaches in managing online content through a custom designed Content Management System. In addition to managing their online content, VisaPort is equipped with a Visa application processing system designed to provide a standardized collaborative framework between all parties in the Visa Delivery model. The framework leverages information technology to provide a pragmatic, logical and coherent structure that aims to reduce the costs and risk of operating information technology while keeping in step with the global internet revolution.

Foreign Ministry Portal

A comprehensive set of tools enabling Foreign Ministries to manage their immigration schedules, travel advisories, document requirements, passports and foreign outposts while decreasing Visa Fraud. Additional features include an integrated advanced document management system as well as a fixed/digital asset register and tracking system.

Embassy & Consular Portal

An entire suite of tools that enable full day to day management of your Embassy and Visa delivery process. From the localization of the Visa process to the delivery of truly electronic Visa documents. Achieve a ten fold increase in Visa application throughput without the need for additional staff.

Smartphone & Desktop App

A powerful set of applications for the consumer or visa applicant running on both desktop computers and smartphone devices that fully automate the visa application process with full travel and insurance integration. Customers can manage their travel bookings and Visa in one simple process.

The VisaPort software Suite can handle your IT needs like never before. Built on more than 20 years of leadership and experience, our enterprise-class solutions are ideal for large and small governments seeking advanced technology environments at realistic prices. All our software modules are ready to deploy with minimal configuration.

Technology Partners

We work with a range of hardware, software and financial services providers.