The Foreign Ministry Portal

The VisaPort MOFA portal delivers outstanding service to Foreign Ministries through an intuitive, user-friendly portal. Individuals can engage with their agencies in exciting and efficient new ways that help to foster a spirit of increased transparency, accountability and clear communication. With today’s budget constraints, streamlining government program/project management and partner/vendor management is more important than ever. Dramatically increase effectiveness and efficiency with a new approach to government IT systems.

The MOFA Portal is a proven platform for Foreign Ministries enabling them to develop and deploy a dynamic and active content management system that is easy-to-use tool and designed to allow non-technical users to effectively manage all aspects of the ministries including their local and overseas operations through a seamless framework. The MOFA Suite, is a modular solution that is designed for security, ease of use, and integration with other eGoVisa Government solutions. It is comprised of a number of sub-modules aimed realising maximum security, reducing cost, increasing capacity, centralising policy and providing a coherent and familiar interface to both its citizens and travellers but without giving up its monopolistic interests. The portal transforms how governments they communicate and engage with citizens. Agencies can connect with citizens in real-time wherever they are most engaged, whether on social networks, websites, or mobile devices.

As with all of eGoVisa's portals, The MOFA Portal leverages the eGoVisa framework's capabilities and features allowing Ministerial policy decisions to be immediately reflected at the representation level without lag. Policies decisions on immigration control are described pursuant to common ministry directives and are instantly reflected at the embassy or mission level which are sub-modules of the MOFA portal. The portal allows the Ministry to manage every aspect of its Ministerial functions including the Visa application process, consular services such as passports, birth, death and marriage registration, and emergency consular services. MOFA is able to manage their entire embassies portfolio through a single portal including employee data, visa statistics, budget control and the dissemination of information. The centralised nature of the system allows contact data to remain up-to-date, no more incorrect addresses and contact numbers, no stale online pages to contend with.

The portal, through its Government Content Management System also provides a common web interface allowing the ministry and its all embassies to deliver a standard look and feel to their websites; eliminating the need to manage the sites individually. The MOFA website template is completely configurable and the contents are managed as modules which are simply plugged-in. These modules interface with the other parts of the framework.

Integrated Customer Relationship Management

The MOFA Portal employs a powerful CRM system that is tightly integrates with the others functions of the ministry. From the daily interaction between customers or citizens to the management of complaints; each and every aspect of the communication between the two parties is recorded and can be retrieved and viewed by other authorised personnel.

Ministerial Archiving & Cataloguing System

Ministries collect a vast amount of data and the accurate archiving and easy retrieval of this data is paramount to a seamless ministerial operation. Although the majority of the functions of the MOFA portal have been digitised, rendering the collection of documents rudimentary; when required, the ministry or its affiliated embassies and outposts can easily archive scanned documents and automatically index them as well as relate them to specific individuals, groups or organisations.

Inter mission data exchange

The MOFA Portal allows data to be instantly transmitted to its ordinate systems (MOFA) or its sister portals (other Embassies and Missions). This seamless but essential exchange ensures that all missions are constantly aware of Visa shoppers (individuals who attempt to apply in different countries for a visa hoping to eventually get lucky).

Powerful Resource Driven Appointment scheduling tools.

The MOA Portal allows embassies to create multiple appointment calendars. With the optional Public Holiday Module, embassies can plan around holidays. Automatic rescheduling tools enable embassy staff to manage their appointment schedule according to the available resources.

NIST & ISO compliant biometric enrolment and matching.

The MOFA Portal is equipped with the tools to collect and process biometric data. Embassies can request biometric data from eGoVisa's biometric servers and are able to send biometric templates for matching.